The Power of Social Media for Business

Although many have recognized just how powerful social media can be, many fail to leverage that power for themselves. Having a big audience on all the major platforms is something that should be seen as an asset, but not an option.


There are far more people who have profiles on at least one social media platform than there are of those who actually use the platform to reach out, connect with others, and build a following. Maybe it’s because they’re introverts, but that’s still no excuse. They just don’t know just how much they’re missing out.


While running a social media marketing campaign is a smart idea for most businesses, it’s a mistake to wait until the release of a new product or service before they engaging in audience building. The same is true for individuals, even if they’re not entrepreneurs. The opportunities that await them on the major social platforms isn’t something they’d want to miss out on, but many still don’t’ realize the benefits.


Having a strong following on social media is sheer power for anyone who possesses it. Whether the following is had by a business or an individual, the benefits are phenomenal and include both financial and social aspects. Read on to learn about just five of the many benefits of having a big social media audience.


1. Great Opportunities Flow Effortlessly to You


Many people look at opportunities as something they have to go out and find, which may be true, but the chances of new opportunities simply coming your way instantly increases when you have a big, deeply engaged social media audience.


It just may be that someone from your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus audience reaches out to you. Not every person with a job obtained their position because they sought it out.


Sometimes company recruiters are the ones that take the first step, approaching people with job offers. Many business partnerships are formed in the same way.


Through social media, you could attract people who eagerly invest in you or your business. They may reach out to you with exciting opportunities that really open up the doors of success.


This isn’t a benefit those who buy low quality likes and followers can experience, as it requires having a real audience with real social media users. It means building a relationship with your followers wherein they see you as an expert, or at least friendly, trustworthy, and full of potential.


2. Social Power is Real Power


Fame is something many people have sought after and much fewer have actually found. On the major social media platforms, becoming renowned is as simple as building a strong audience and consistently capturing their attention.


Having the attention of a huge audience on social media enables a person to have their message heard and potentially spread throughout the world. They don’t’ have to wait around for the odd chance that news reporter will come along and ask them what they think.


Instead, the person having a big audience gets to tell their story their own way and when they want to tell it. Moreover, having a big audience makes it easy to garner support for causes you believe in. An individual or business that has a big following on social media can have a remarkable influence on markets, beliefs, society, and much more.


3. Ever-Present Proof of Your Expertise


There are several benefits to being considered an expert and an authority. First is the fact that it makes building trust a whole lot easier. In business, gaining the trust of potential customers is vitally important.


For individuals, being known as an expert in their field can help them get better jobs. Employers are increasingly using social media to research job candidates. Having a profile with large audience on Facebook or LinkedIn that clearly appreciates and applauds your high level of knowledge can instantly make you a prime candidate.


In fact, there are many professionals who stand to reap some great benefits from their social media audience building efforts, such as motivational speakers, fitness coaches, life coaches, book authors, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, and a long list of others. Does a potential customer or client want a testimonial? They need only to look at the comments made by a person’s social media fans, followers, and friends.


Being seen as an expert by having a large social audience is like money in the bank. It’s great both for the established business or individual as well as for those seeking to get themselves established.


4. Enjoy a Constantly-Present Source of Income


One of the biggest challenges businesses, entrepreneurs, those running fundraisers, and internet marketers’ face is being able to reach potential customers and prospects. What if when you had a great product to promote or project that needed support there was already a massive audience of people already ready to help, give, or buy?


Those who maintain a strong social audience don’t really have to worry about advertisement all that much. They need only make a few posts about what’s going on and they’ll instantly have all the support and customers they could want.


Moreover, because these social media users have become your fans and your friends, they’ll be there for you even when your campaign or offering changes. Chances are that even those in the audience who are not interested in a particular thing you may be promoting at the time, they’ll be able to refer you to somebody who is.


With your very own large and active social media audience the rules are simple – you promote it and they buy.


5. Never Ever Worry About Getting Enough Website Traffic


There doesn’t seem to be a single website owner that wasn’t at some point worried about having enough traffic to their website. Entire industries have emerged to serve the need. Countless online businesses have perished for the lack of traffic.


But, what if you never had to concern yourself with how to get traffic to a website ever again? What if SEO no longer mattered and buying website traffic was never necessary?


With well-built audience on social media, you’d have the power to send traffic to any website that you wanted. All you would have to do is make a post inviting people to visit the site and your loyal followers and friends would happily click the link and check it out.


3 Steps to Building a Big Social Media Audience


1. Decide on Your Topics, Interests, and Niche


Your audience needs to be filled with potential customers and likeminded individuals. Attracting them means posting content and comments that interest them. Knowing the topics you want to cover, your niche, or the interests you want to share on social media helps you stay focused when audience building.


2. Post Frequently and Consistently


Remember that you don’t want to just connect, but also impress and engage. Keep yourself in the forefront of their memories by posting often, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Your posts should be something they can count on being there predictably and look forward to.


3. Leverage Powerful Audience-Building Services


You don’t have to go at it alone. There are some great services, such as the ones offered by Media Phantom that can greatly assist you in building an active audience of loyal social media followers.

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